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Silvana Agostoni

"Faceless Woman" from the series Traces

"Faceless Woman" from the series Traces

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Traces (2011). This body of work was photographed at the former penitentiary of San Luis Potosí, Mexico. The images are my re-interpretation and intervention of icons left behind by the absent occupants and presenting them as residues, prints, or remnants.

These faded graphic traces appear to me like archeological ruins, having crossed through layers of matter and time. They bear someone else’s nostalgia representing connections between the inside/outside and revealing fragmented or fractured psychological landscapes.


Faceless Woman, (Mexico, 2011).

Fine art museum quality inkjet print.

Photo printed on 16"X20" paper, following the original image proportions with a white margin.

Limited edition of 35.

The photo includes an ICE authenticity certificate.

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