About Us

Since its creation by two multidisciplinary artists, Salvador Alanis (writer, filmmaker, and media artist) and Ximena Berecochea (photo-based and media artist), the Institute for Creative Exchange has worked as an experimental space for Canadian artists. ICE produces work gathering artists from all disciplines, develops networking mechanisms, connects individuals with international arts organizations, and helps artists to raise their profile in the Americas. ICE works as an artistic entity, as we produce our personal work as well as the one created by the artists we invite to collaborate with us. To date, ICE has created books, multimedia pieces, one feature documentary film, theater pieces, and visual art exhibitions. As a service organization, we provide networking spaces for creators, connecting Canadian artists with international peers and institutions. We invited influential Canadian creators to present and develop work abroad. ICE coordinates an artistic residency in Argentina. 

You can check our programs and works at www.iceamericas.org